Festivals In March: Travel

March is a great time of year. Shake off the winter cobwebs and chill, get some sunshine and fresh air, and travel to one of these festivals happening in the United States in March. Take a long weekend, hop on a plane, and feel refreshed after the cold days and long nights.


Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, in Houston, Texas, starts March 3rd, 2016

This is an entire month of one of the largest rodeo competitions and livestock shows in the country. An entire month long party full of country music, entertainment, exhibits, and competition.


SXSW, in Austin, TX March starts 11th, 2016

The South by Southwest festival and conference is a mix of technology conference, music festival, film festival, and week-long party. You’ll find everything from TED talks to podcasts, indie music to foreign film dissertations. You’ll also find late night parties, great food, business talks, media presentations. You name it, SXSW has it.


Frozen Dead Guy Days, in Nederland, Colorado. starts March 11th, 2016

Known as one of the most unique and quirky festivals in the country, Frozen Dead Guy Days takes place in the Colorado mountain town of Nederland as was inspired by the local misadventures of a real-life frozen cadaver. It is three days of frosty hilarity featuring 30 live bands in heated tents and crazy events in the vein of coffin races, costumed polar plunging, frozen t-shirt contests, ice turkey bowling, cadaver lookalike contests, and more.


Calle Ocho, in Miami, Florida. starts March 13th, 2016

Calle Ocho is the one day fiesta the culminates weeks of Carnaval Miami. The festival is one of the largest in the world, and over one million visitors attend the Calle Ocho event. It is a free street festival that showcases Pan-American culture. It started in 1978 as an outlet for Cuban immigrants expressing their culture, and has grown to include participation from all sorts of diverse groups and Latin countries. A series of cultural events as well as a big party, you can find Jazz, food, golf, soccer and domino tournaments, a Miss Carnaval pageant, craft activities, fashion, and fundraising for underprivileged children. You can party for a good cause!


St. Patrick’s Day, in New York, NY or Boston, MA, starts March 17th, 2016

Any city with a large Irish population will have activities for you on St. Patty’s Day, but New York and Boston do it up the best and the biggest. Don your green apparel and join in for a little Irish spirit with huge parades, events, pub crawls, food, activities, live music and more!


National Pyrotechnic Festival, in Tultepec, Mexico starts March 19th, 2016

On the outskirts of Mexico City, the urban municipality of Tultepec is home to more than 50% of Mexico’s hand-crafted fireworks production, making it the ideal location for a huge, multi-day display of festive explosives. Originally a 19th-century celebration held by local fireworks production guilds each year on March 8 in honor of San Juan de Dios, the patron saint of fireworks makers, the present-day incarnation of the Feria de la Pirotécnia Nacional (National Pyrotechnic Festival) first sparked in 1989. Each year since, about 100,000 people have descended upon this usually quiet area for nine exciting, dangerous days in March, running, skipping, hopping, jumping and dancing through the world’s most prolonged (and waiver-free) display of pyrotechnics. The festival includes three main events of powder-keg glory, as well as carnival rides, kiosks hawking regional street food, musical concerts, dance performances, and a ceremonial release of paper balloons.


Ultra Music Festival in Miami Florida, starts March 18th, 2016

An electronic music festival featuring hundreds of acts of two weekends. It has spread worldwide, and is very inclusive of world EDM music. Originally the lineup was purely electronic music, but while they have stayed very true to the roots of that, they have expanded things a little bit more. It’s not just music, either. It all started with the Winter Music Conference (WMC), an almost 30 year old industry event held in Miami for music professionals. Ultra was born in 1999 as a “closer” party to the WMC. With the growth and success of dance music in America, UMF began to carve an impressive niche for itself. With focus on audience participation and experience, spectacles, acrobatics, light and laser shows, focus on aesthetics, and lots more, it’s one of the biggest and best dance parties in the world.


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